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Support families of healthcare workers lost in the fight against Ebola

Helping families affected by Ebola

Ebola Heroes Fund

Photo credit from left to right: Pardis Sabeti, Mike DuBose, Simbirie Jalloh, Nadia Wauquier                                         ...and Alex Moigboi (not pictured)

         Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan                                                   Mbalu Fonnie                                                                Alice Kovoma                                                       Mohamed Fullah

Congo Medical Relief, a 501c3 non-profit which trains and supports hospitals in rural Africa, has created a fund to support families in Kenema, Sierra Leone that have lost loved ones fighting against Ebola. All proceeds will go directly to families of Kenema Government Hospital staff. Donations will directly provide support for school fees, food, and childcare for children orphaned by Ebola. Please spread the word and donate to help support those most impacted by Ebola, and make a small impact on the ongoing and devastating epidemic.